Under-Sink Filtration U9000

Exquisite filtration, hidden under sink

WaterChef® Filtration U9000 is the best choice for homes. Under-sink space-saving installation, durable stainless housing for easy cleaning, filter design with special BigBlock™ high flow-rate output.

Killing Strength

Excellent Filtration

Reduce common pollutants and odor Tested and Certified by WQA

Very Long-Life

Large filter size 3,785L filter life ~1yr Design for easy replacement

Intelligent Monitor™

Filter status indication Avoid over-due filter

Stainless Steel Housing

Strong stainless body Premium Grade Designer Faucet

Enjoy “Kids like to drink” water for a fraction of the cost

Powerful Big Block™ Carbon Filtration

WaterChef®U9000 utilizes the unique Big Block ™ filter technology which combines solid carbon block filtration with proprietary filter medias to increase contaminant removal while retaining beneficial minerals (such as calcium, magnesium and potassium), and achieve a single filter life of up to 3,785 L (1,000 gallons)!

The Big Block ™ technology together with filter structure, not only doubles the filter life, but also widens the filter’s operating pressure range (206.8-689.5 kPa).

Water Quality Certification

U9000 is WQA/ANSI tested and certified

Qualified water filtration needs a certification from WQA, a third party internationally recognized water testing agency.   More about WQA

WaterChef®Filtration System is certified under WQA/ANSI Standard 42 (Aesthetic Effects) for the reduction of chlorine, chloramine and class 1 particulate, as well as /ANSI Standard 53 (Health Effects) for the reduction of a list of harmful substances including Cysts, LEAD, Pesticides and Herbicides,VOCs (Volatile Organic Compounds), Benzene and MTBE.   Goto WQA Site

Convenient to use, Beneficial to Environment and Generations

One Cartridge Last Up to

3,785 Liters

same as 7,500 bottled water

WaterChef® filtration system produces good taste drinking water, also helps the environment. In normal use, long-life filter can last 1 year or 7,500 500ml-bottled water, such saving plastic consumption on Earth that beneficial to generations to come.

You See, You Know

Intelligent Monitor™ LED

When the filter’s life is under 10% of capacityunder 10% of capacity remains, the faucet Intelligent Monitor™ LED light turns to yellow from green, "you know" will soon need to replace the filter. When the filter exhausted its life, red LED light will be on, be sure to replace the filter immediately.

Faucets with various surface finishing at your choice

Match your kitchen decoration style

Premium Designer Faucet with Brass Construction and Ceramic Disc Valve (WQA Standard 61 compliant).


  • Powerful Big Block™ Filtration Technology,1,000 GALLON Rated Capacity! (For most households, that's just ONE CARTRIDGE per YEAR!)
  • Unsurpassed Contaminant Reduction for a Broad Range of Common Tap Water Contaminants (including Lead)
  • Intelligent MonitorTM(Measures actual system usage to eliminate cartridge replacement guesswork!)
  • Tested and Certified by Water Quality Association against WQA/ANSI Standard 42 And WQA/ANSI Standard 53
  • Premium Designer Faucet with Brass Construction and Ceramic Disc Valve
  • Proprietary 3-Ply Pleated Pre-Filter for Increased Dirt Holding Capacity and Longer Cartridge Life
  • BPA Free


  • Model:  U9000
  • Installation Type:  Under-Sink
  • Housing & Lid Assembly Construction:  Polished Surgical Stainless Steel
  • Rated Capacity:  1,000 GALLONS (3,785 L)
  • Replacement Filter Cartridge:  UR90
  • Battery Type(UR90 included):  2032 CR, 3V lithium
  • Rated Service Flow:  0.65 gal/min @ 60 psi
  • Maximum Working Pressure:  125 psig (861.8 kPa)
  • Minimum Working Pressure:  30 psig (206.8 kPa)
  • Maximum Operating Temp.:  100ºF/(38℃)
  • Minimum Operating Temp.:  34ºF/(1℃)
  • Particle Retention Size:  Sub-Micron (0.5 micron)
  • Download Performance Data Sheet PDF