Shower Filters for Healthier Skin & Hair

We want to let you in on a little beauty secret. Nope, it’s not a new moisturizer, or some sort of crazy amazing facial. Lean in, you’ll want to hear this.

Shower Filters.

Yes! You heard us right – Shower. Filters.

You can’t be that surprised!

I mean, think about it. You get a nice steamy shower going. It’s been a long day at work, and you want to wash all your stress (and the sweat from a Hong Kong commute) off and finish the night feeling clean and new.

Your pores open up, you step under the water, and then BAM!

Your hair & skin gets completely soaked in unfiltered, harsh, chemical treated tap water that’s just come straight from the public water treatment facility, through some industrial pipes, and all of your body.

Not so appealing, is it?

Well, it’s not great for your hair and skin either.

We’ve discussed in a previous post the general benefits of using a shower filter. Chlorine alone, which is used in Hong Kong to disinfect public water, and which the government admits exist in trace amounts in our tap water, can easily damage your skin & hair cells.

If you’ve ever known someone who was a competitive swimmer, you’d know how the constant contact with chlorine from the pool harm hair & skin, making it look and feel dry, damaged, and coarse.

On top of that, steamy showers, which feel great, makes it easier for us to breathe in the contaminants in water. So really you’re getting nice big breaths of chlroine, chloramine (a mixture of chlorine & ammonia) and trihalomethanes (such as chloroform) as you belt out your in-the-shower songs. (Adele’s got nothing on you!)

But, hey, it’ll be ok!

There’s a solution to making your showers actually good for your hair, skin  and body again. Shower Filters like our WaterChef Premium Shower Filtration System make it super easy to remove dangerous contaminants from your daily shower routine.

And by removing those contaminants, it actually makes your hair & skin feel and look better! Even beauty magazines like Allure admit this!

But don’t just take our word for it…

Check out these testimonials from very happy users of our WaterChef Shower Filter:

“After moving here from the states, I found that the water in HK really affected my hair and skin condition. A lot of my hair would fall out after showering. After installing the shower filter, my hair already feels softer after one wash! I also noticed the water being softer and my skin feels smoother too!” – Caroline

“Took only minutes for this to be installed. Water doesn’t smell anymore and is noticeably cleaner. Shower head that comes with the filter works well. should have had this installed earlier!” – Robert

“We like the filter so much already that we’ve just ordered another one for our other bathroom, and I am ordering one for my mother-in-law’s home as well! Thanks again!” – Melanie

So what are you waiting for?

Get healthier hair, skin & body right now! Shop WaterChef Premium Shower Filtration System.

HK Water Challenge: Ditch Disposable!

We at WaterChef Hong Kong are strong believers in working to keep our planet healthy. And the most obvious place for us to start is with water.

Drinking healthy, filtered water doesn’t have to be wasteful, but many of the solutions out there are. And we want to educate you on how to tell the difference.

We want to issue a Water Challenge to all of Hong Kong starting right now:


Disposable plastic water bottles that you pick up at Watsons, 7-11 or even the big jugs that are delivered to your home are convenient, but their detriment to our environment far outweighs any slight benefit.

Why are disposable water bottles bad for the environment?


We’ve all seen the footage of our oceans plagued with plastic bottles and bags. It’s no surprise that plastic waste still goes unrecycled and ends up in our water systems. Even the plastic that is recycled still makes an unnecessary impact on our environment in the process of recycling. The best solution would be to not use plastic at all!

Recent studies have also shown that 90% of bottled water contains plastic particles in it. This means that the water you and drinking from a plastic bottle, or even glass bottles with plastic caps, could be seeping plastic into your body. Another great reason to stay away from plastic.


It takes trucks to bring locally distilled bottled water to your store or your home. And imported bottled water requires boats or planes to transport. The carbon footprint of a single bottle or jug of water to get to your hands is ridiculous considering you could be drinking safe, filtered water from your tap if you have the right water filter (more on this below).

Water Wastage

Almost all bottled water, including the brands you find at your local 7-11, Watsons, etc., come from a tap that sources from the local water system. They simply distill it and then re-add synthetic minerals into the water to label it “Mineral Water.” This process creates an enormous amount of water wastage, not to mention the extra energy required to fuel the process.

A better water result can be achieved with a simple WaterChef water filter hooked up to your home tap.

What Can YOU Do?

We all want to drink safe, healthy water. And we can, without detriment to our planet.

The Carbon Block Filtration water filters we offer at WaterChef can give you great drinking water that contains beneficial minerals but effectively removes contaminants. All while protecting the environment.

With our filter systems, is no water wastage nor plastic used. And because our filters are high capacity, you don’t even have to change them as much as pitcher jug filters, resulting in even less waste!

To reduce your disposable bottle usage, it’s just a matter of habit to start remembering to pack re-usable bottles. There are many great options out there! Every person’s small step together can make a big impact on our world.

Filtering Cysts from Drinking Water

Water is a vital source of life to many organisms, some good, some bad. The water that we drink can harbour harmful microorganisms like microbial cysts, which can cause us to become ill. Find out a bit more about cysts and how to filter them out of your drinking water.

What are microbial cysts?

Microbial cysts are parasites, bacteria or viruses that exist in a specific, almost egg-like, state. The most common ones that are of concern when it comes to drinking water is Cryptosporidum and Giardia lamblia. These microbes can enter into our water supply from run off of contaminated organic material like animal feces.

The major problem is that these two waterborne parasites are highly resistant to the chlorine typically used by public water treatment facilities to treat our drinking water.

Public water treatment uses chlorine to disinfect our drinking water. However, chlorine has proven to be ineffective to removing certain cysts like Cryptosporidum and Giardia lamblia as these particular organisms have developed a hard outer layer that allows them to survive in tough conditions.

Effects of Cysts in our Water

If you drink water that contains cysts, your stomach acids break down their hard shell and they release their protozoa into your gastrointestinal track. There, they have the ability to reproduce, sometimes to the millions.

Consumption of water contaminated with these microbes can cause gastrointestinal complications, such as stomach cramps, diarrhea, vomiting, nausea, dehydration, fever and weight loss. For people with wearker immune systems, such as children or the elderly, these infections could lead to larger issues.

How to filter Cysts out of Water?

WaterChef filters are proven to be effective in removing cysts such as Cryptosporidum and Giardia lamblia from our drinking water, as the public water treatment facilities are unable to fully do so.

Find out more about our drinking water filters here.